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Ford Fiesta Van

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Ford Fiesta Van

Fiesta Van 1.1 Ti-VCT 85ps

From £155.00 p/month
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  • Bluetooth
  • DAB Radio
  • Foglights

For the business which needs to do a lot of deliveries or town driving Ford Fiesta van leasing is ideal. Driving like an ordinary small family car it nevertheless has ample space in the cargo area and a cab which is comfortable over any kind of journey. The Fiesta isn't just a hatchback with a van bolted on – this van has been designed for practicality and ease of use across the whole spectrum.

Perfect for your green credentials
Many businesses these days are proud to display their carbon footprint and other green issues on their websites and choosing Ford Fiesta van leasing is a great way of showing you care because the emissions are amongst the lowest in the sector and when you add in the Start–Stop system which switches off the engine when idling at lights or in traffic and the innovative smart regeneration method of battery charging you have a vehicle which is serious about helping to keep the planet healthy. Although most drivers are careful about changing gear appropriately most will agree that the change indicator is a helpful tool in improving fuel consumption because selecting the right gear isn't always instinctive – every little helps.

The important bit – how much does the Ford Fiesta carry?
The load area makes Fiesta van leasing a perfect choice for anyone wanting to carry items for delivery around town – one whole cubic metre is a lot of space and the four points to rope heavy things down means that you are not limited to small units. The wide opening rear doors give excellent access to the load area so that packing needn't be a work of art – accessibility to all items stowed is very easy and makes deliveries a breeze. Van leasing of a Fiesta is easy to arrange and most businesses will find that it will soon become the favourite among the drivers because it is so comfortable with a quiet cab and with many extras designed with the driver in mind.

Ford Fiesta Van 1.0 EcoBoost 125ps Sport
From £175.00 p/month
Ford Fiesta Van 1.1 Ti-VCT 85ps
From £155.00 p/month
Ford Fiesta Van 1.5 Tdci 120PS Sport
From £185.00 p/month
Ford Fiesta Van 1.5 TDCi 85ps
From £165.00 p/month
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