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Electric Van Guides

Electric vans are revolutionizing urban delivery with their eco-friendly performance and low operating costs. Drivers praise their smooth acceleration and quiet operation, making them ideal for city deliveries. With advancements in battery technology, range anxiety is becoming less of a concern, making electric vans a compelling choice for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

Electric Vans / Electric Van Guides

Electric vs Diesel

There’s an assumption that an electric van will be cheaper to run than a diesel one. But, most with that thought are just comparing the price of diesel fuel with the cost of the electricity they would consume on a home charger.

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Charging your electric van

AC, DC, CCS, Type 2, Kilowatts, Gigawatts – You can be forgiven for finding the world of electric van charging a little confusing at first sight.

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How electric vans have evolved

It’s only in very recent times that we’ve become accustomed to seeing new vehicles being launched seemingly every month, but these emission-free commercial vehicles go back quite a long way.

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Hybrid vans explained

The term ‘hybrid’ when applied to vehicles can be a little confusing. Many of us are not fully familiar with the concept, technology, advantages, disadvantages and how a hybrid differs from other methods of propulsion.

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