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Flexible Finance Options.

Experts in finance. We’ll help you buy or lease the right vans at the best price.

The relationships with dealers and funders we’ve built over our two decades in the industry, give us an unbeatable range of vehicle and funding options – just tell us your budget and we’ll get to work.

How we get the best deals

We use something we call ‘Least cost routing’ – it means that we always run a comparison to find the best leasing provider at the time of order, getting you the right vehicles at the right cost, without keeping you waiting.

Explore the options

No two customers are the same. Whether you manage a few vans or a fleet of hundreds, we can find a funding solution to suit your business and budget.

Business Contract Hire

You pay one monthly fee, and all the risks are covered.

With a low initial outlay, it’s a great choice for businesses who don’t want the hassle of sourcing, maintaining and disposing of vehicles. From a tax perspective, contract hire is up to 100% tax deductible, you can reclaim the VAT on cars vans (50% on cars) – plus you don’t have a depreciating asset on your books.

Finance Lease

Similar to contract hire in cost and tax efficiency but with more flexibility.

The vehicle does not return to the funder at contract end and is sold to a 3rd party as a trade in to cover any residual payment. There are no mileage or damage restrictions and less penalty if you terminate early.

Affinity schemes

What better way of rewarding and retaining your drivers than by offering them a way to save money on a shiny new vehicle?

Choose an Affinity Scheme partnership with Global and we’ll give your employees exclusive online access to our range of new vans, at preferential rates. We’ll secure our usual competitive leasing rates and sort out leasing agreements directly with your drivers, so it’s perfect for fleet managers who don’t want to get tied up in admin.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback is a great choice for businesses who want to free up capital from their existing fleet and invest it back into the business.

It’s also a good way to make the change to a Business Contract Hire scheme.We’ll negotiate a competitive deal for you to sell your existing fleet to one of our trusted leasing partners. Then, in return for a fixed monthly payment, they lease the vans back to you. You get a cash injection – and it makes your monthly forecasting a lot easier for the duration of the leaseback period.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice schemes are increasingly popular – they can be a win:win for employers and employees.

Salary sacrifice schemes are increasingly popular – they can be a win:win for employers and employees.

  • Employers make Class 1A NIC savings on line with the level of salary the employee sacrifices. Offering employees new vehicles is great for their job satisfaction.
  • Employees see their taxable salary reduced – they pay less income tax and national insurance. They get a brand-new van. Service, maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance are all taken care of – all they need to do is add fuel or charge the vehicle.
  • Tax incentives for buying electric vehicles can put pricey vans within your reach. And, of course, it will help your business to reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Easy to manage

Fleet Management

Fleet management can be a real pain in the tailgate.

Electric Options

Electric Vehicles

There are some powerful incentives for electrifying your fleet but the cost can be a bit of shock.

Easy to manage

Fleet Solutions

We’ve invested in the best tools available to help you keep your fleet on the road.