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Long and Short Term Van Lease Deals

Van Leasing with Global Vans

Van Lease Deals: What are the benefits?

Van Leasing is becoming more popular than ever due to its advantages of low cost upfront payments and beneficial tax treatment. Traditionally businesses used to either buy their vans or, finance them through hire purchase. However as people have become better educated about what leasing can offer, the trend has moved towards flexible Finance Lease or no fuss Contract Hire agreements.

Van Leasing is made up of two products being contract hire and finance lease. With Contract Hire the lease is a long term rental and the van goes back at the end of the contract. The Finance Lease is more akin to hire purchase as the van does not go back and you have the option to sell the vehicle and terminate the lease or extend it into a secondary period. When you sell the vehicle you usually receive 98% of the sales proceeds, less any finance outstanding so it is very similar to owning the vehicle.

In terms of tax benefit, both leasing products (Contract Hire and Finance Lease) will take advantage of offsetting 100% of the monthly payments against revenue and are thus hugely tax efficient. VAT is charged on the rentals but can be claimed back if the business is vat registered. The VAT treatment helps keep the initial outlay low as you only have to pay vat on initial rentals rather than the whole van which as you can imagine is a big difference.

How does van leasing work at Global Vans?

At Global Vans, we have van lease deals to suit all business needs. Finding an option that works for you is easier than you may think! Our experienced team will guide you through every step from finding the best vehicle available to getting your credit in place. We’ll use our multi-method – pairing the best value vehicle to suit you, with the best value funder from our panel of partners.

Choose a long-term business van lease from us and you’ll make affordable monthly payments while you benefit from a reliable van that continues to work for you and your business. We aim to make the leasing process as simple and straightforward as possible so no matter what kind of van you require or the questions you have, you can rely on us to answer all of your queries.

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What are the key benefits of leasing a van on finance?

van leasing finance types

Global Vans are a leading van broker who have operated for over 18 years. We deliver in excess of 4000 vans each year, which gives us significant discounts with manufacturers and competitive rates with funders. Our staff are highly trained and we aim to provide the best service for you giving the right solution and most competitive price.

How does Global Vans Leasing work?

When you enquire with us we will work to understand your needs and build our solution around you. With access to the full market we can help walk you through the choices available to you, sourcing a van that’s the right specification, the right price and can be delivered as quickly as you need!

van leasing order process

Our process is simple:

  1. We discuss your needs and present a solution
  2. You agree the deal and give us your details to process credit proposal
  3. When your credit is approved you reserve the vehicle with a £615* deposit and sign your electronic order form
  4. We process the deal and organise the paperwork
  5. You complete the paperwork
  6. We organise delivery of your van

Our range of vans for lease

We work with all major manufacturers – see below. Global Vans lease deals will vary on price dependent on the batches we have negotiated at the time but we try to spread these in line with what customers want.

All our vans are new or pre-registered and benefit from the manufacturers warranty. Clients may have different opinions on van makes and models but generally we believe that all vans are generically good and have comparable reliability.

van leasing citroen
van leasing ford
van leasing peugeot
van leasing fiat
van leasing nissan
van leasing toyota
van leasing renault
van leasing mercedes

Looking for something specific?
We can scour the UK to help find what you want.

Van Leasing from Globalvans

Whatever the van lease deal you are looking for, at Global Vans we have a great range of offers for you to look at. Our team here at Global Vans will tailor the best deal for you, based on your budget and business needs. Choose from a range of different vehicle types. We have large vans such as tippers or small vans such as the well known Citroen Berlingo.

We sell all sorts of brands such as Ford, Fiat, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen and VW. We will walk you through the different financing options, such as Contract Hire, Finance Lease and Hire Purchase, and make sure you picked the right option that fits your business requirements. Our van leasing experts here that will guide you through the process and together with our Sales Support and Customer Service teams, we will help to answer any questions you may have along the way. You’ll be in good hands with Global Vans!

Check out our deals page for all the latest special van leasing offers available.

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