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How it works — It’s simple.

You’ve picked a van you like, and you’ve found a price that meets your budget. You now may want to know what happens next.

The process is surprisingly straight-forward, and your new vehicle can be at your door in no time. Here are the steps that follow.


How it works — It’s simple.

You return signed order form by email/fax/post to us. This allows us to progress your purchase beyond reservation.
We propose you to our funders for a credit check.
£550 holding deposit taken. The holding deposit allows us to commit to your vehicle in the knowledge that we have some way of absorbing the cost of returning it if you change your mind.
Your order is then handled by our administration team who will contact you to confirm the order. The vehicle will then be pulled from central held stock by our appointed dealer which usually takes 5-7 days (factory orders anything from 8 to 12 weeks sometimes longer). We monitor this daily.
We check, scan and send the docs to the finance company, requesting payment for the vehicle(s) within 24 hours of receipt.
Once we receive payment for the vehicle(s) we will request (within 24 hours) the next available delivery date that’s suitable for you.
Your vehicle gets delivered

If you are part exchanging a vehicle please ensure…

All the documents (V5 Logbook/MoT/Service History), Handbooks and spare keys are all ready for our driver to collect. The vehicle has been emptied of all your tools and belongings.