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Why Go Electric?

Electric vans are the latest movement in the van leasing world and are expected to only increase in popularity in the coming years as more legislation is introduced around carbon emissions. Is this just a sustainability trend or are you better off going electric? We’ve outlined the benefits of electric vans and addressed some key questions about going electric to help you make an informed decision. For additional guidance check out our complete guide on electric vans or our guide on everything you need to know about electric vehicles.

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Benefits of Leasing Vans

Although there has been some reluctance in moving towards electric vans, this is quickly changing as technology advances and they move closer to matching the capability of their diesel alternatives. Many businesses have already made the move to electric vans due to the wide range of benefits, including:

Will an Electric Van be Suitable for your Business?

Electric vans are becoming increasing popular. As more people discover the benefits of electric vans, we’re seeing a lot of businesses join the EV revolution. However, as with any van lease, it’s important to consider whether or not an electric van is suitable for your business.

If you travel around 100-150 miles a day, then an electric van is a perfect option for you. This is because most electric vans have a range between 100 and 200 miles, although this can depend on various factors such as the cargo weight and weather conditions. Many businesses that choose an electric van are city based, so not only are there charging points nearby if needed but they also avoid expensive Clean Air Zone charges.

So, when deciding if an electric van will suit your needs, take into account location, daily mileage, accessibility of charge points and your standard payload. If you’re unsure, just Contact Us to speak with one of our experts.


Are Electric Vans Worth It?

Although electric vans have a high purchase cost, they are a lot more affordable when you consider leasing – and the government incentives. At Global Vans, we understand the financial limitations of small businesses – that’s why we offer some of the best electric van leasing deals on the market, and tailor the finance to you. There are many reasons why leasing an electric van is a good idea.The environmental impact of electric vans is a particularly important consideration; they contribute to reducing carbon emissions, making them an attractive choice for businesses aiming to achieve sustainability goals. Additionally, electric vans have lower maintenance and running costs which help make them a worthwhile and cost-effective choice. Various government incentives and grants are also available to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

What is the Range of an Electric Van?

How Long will an Electric Van last?

Are Electric Vans Cheaper than Diesel?

Is Electric Van Insurance Higher?

Do Electric Vans Depreciate Faster?

Do Electric Vans have Road Tax?

Are Electric Vans Exempt from Clean Air Zones?

Great Offers

Unlock a world of sustainable mobility with our unbeatable EV van lease options! Drive toward a greener future while enjoying incredible savings and flexibility tailored to your needs. See more offers and let’s electrify your journey today! 🌾 🌎 🔌

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