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now part of GlobalVans

Looking for a Parcel Van? You’re in the right place.

AutoEase, now part of Global Vans, are specialists in the provision of Parcel Vans. Through working with major parcel networks for over 10 years, we feel we’ve truly developed a “one-stop-shop” service.

Our team can help you decide which van suits your needs, and how to acquire it in the most cost and tax efficient way possible. The choices you make now can make a BIG difference to what you end up paying out. For example, we’ve helped clients save over £2000.00 per year on their vans — plus £800.00 per year on fuel.

We’ll provide a new van to the correct specification and service package—whilst demonstrating great savings.

We have arrangements with all of the major Parcel Vans networks. The reason we do this, is to give the driver ultimate flexibility in choosing how they want to develop their career. We empower them to choose the network which has the most suitable working terms for their individual situation. As a natural extension, we give them ultimate flexibility to choose the vehicle they like as well.

In short, if you need Parcel Vans, or are looking for a network partner—drop us a line. We have tonnes of resources we can offer you to get you on the road.

We work with all of the largest networks in the UK – Select a network below to see van specifications and get a Free Quote


Whatever network you’re working for, we make it easy:

  1. Save up to £50.00 per week* over rental
  2. Save over £800.00** per year on fuel (on New Eu6 models circa 2017)
  3. Full specification – livery / slam locks / ply-lining
  4. Low deposit options available
  5. No rate increases for up to 4 years
  6. Tax-efficient, with no damage charges
  7. Wide arrange of mileage options