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Yodel Vans — Selection & Leasing

Choosing appropriate Yodel Vans: When you are delivering parcels, it is vital that your van is fit for purpose. This means you should have a vehicle that performs operationally, reliably, cost-effectively and is affordable for you and your business.

To ensure you get everything that you need, Yodel has worked alongside Global Vans to make it easier for you to get the mandatory specification van you need in order to be a self-employed Yodel owner driver.

There are a range of finance packages available to you to provide ultimate flexibility and a tailored lease to suit your needs. Including:

Lease to Buy
Contract Hire
Hire Purchase
Flexible Van Rental

Questions? We’d be happy to help. Select one of the options below—or, simply contact a van leasing specialist, and we can help create the best parcel van lease for you. All of our advice is free, and no-obligation.

Yodel New Drivers

Low-cost solutions for Yodel owner drivers. Whether you want to Lease, contract hire or lease to buy, we can provide your new yodel-specification van tailored to your requirements.

Available Yodel Vans

Yodel Van Leasing

Whether you’ve leased a van before or you’re looking to learn more. We’re here to help. Take a look at this section — we’ll explain the best options for Yodel Van Leasing.