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Fleet Management
- without the hassle

Everyone knows: fleet management can be a real pain in the tailgate.

Our customers often tell us that running a fleet is frustrating. We get it: it’s not your day job. It basically means a load of admin – especially when there is an accident or a big maintenance bill – and it keeps you from adding value elsewhere.

Time to talk to Global Fleet.

Thanks to our fantastic procurement system, we get you the best deals and the fastest supply from multiple funders. And most importantly, we make it simple.

Source. Save. Simplify.

Our number #’1 goal is to make your life easier.

We find the right choice of vehicles for you, and fast. Then we use our in-depth knowledge of all-things-fleet to make sure your fleet strategy is on track when it comes to funding, maintenance, safety and compliance.

Source. Save. Simplify.

Save money!

We have long-standing relationships with suppliers across the UK and can provide you the best discounts on the market – whatever you’re looking for. By using our panel of funders, we can “shop around” and make sure that you get the best rates on your vehicles at the point of order.

Source. Save. Simplify.

We can help you.

We have a proven track record of being able to source commercial fleet vehicles where others can’t. Tell us what your business needs and we will use our nationwide network of trusted suppliers to source your vehicles.

Our Process

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We’ll take a good look under the bonnet of your business to understand your fleet needs and what drives you commercially.

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We turn our analysis into a full proposal and discuss it with you. Our aim is to save you money, make efficiency gains and keep your fleet safe and compliant.

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We turn our recommendation into templates, setting out the agreed process and upload them to our system. Then, we’ll get your drivers to download our app, complete with an easy-to- use guide to get them started.

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We connect the pieces and go from there ensuring bookings are made and everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Saves you time and money

Electric Options

Electric Vehicles

There are some powerful incentives for electrifying your fleet but the cost can be a bit of shock.

Know more on fleet finance

Fleet Finance

We’ll help you buy or lease the right vans at the best price.

Easy to manage

Fleet Solutions

We’ve invested in the best tools available to help you keep your fleet on the road.