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How to choose a van for your business?

August 6th, 2018

How to choose a van for your business

The process of choosing a van for your business is very important and can also make a significant impact on your business and your return on investment.

It may sound very complicated, but the decision can be made simpler than you thought if you follow the steps below.

The first thing to be considered is your business requirements. What type of materials/products are you are carrying, how heavy they are, and how much space you will need to transport it?

You should also consider your driving environment, it is around town or cross country? Will you drive a lot of miles or just short distances?


After asking yourself the basics, you will then have the answer you need to choose a type of van.


City Vans

If you decided that you will have a city-based business and also not carry heavy or loads of items, a city van would be ideal for you.  With a compact size, they are perfect for travelling around urban areas and commonly used for delivery services.


Panel vans

The most popular type of van in the UK is usually the first choice when you think of small businesses and are used for a variety of trades. Panel Van comes in a wide range of body shapes, and you can choose the one that fits your needs, with long, medium, or short wheelbase and different roof heights and usually without windows on the side or load areas.


Crew Cab Vans

You might have a team to transport as well, so if you need more than 2 or 3 seats offered by the panel van the crew or double cab model would be ideal.

If your business is actually transporting people, the minibus is a clear decision here.

The crew van is the best option when your business needs for both people and tools to be on-site.


Extra needs

After finding out the model you would go for, you should consider the extras you would like on your van.

Are you transporting perishable goods? You might need a regulated temperature in your vehicle.

If you are transporting expensive items, then you should consider investing in extra security features.

Do you think you will need side loading door or a tail-lift? These should all be considered to make a good decision which van you should have it.


Keep in mind that these are still the basics information you need to buy/lease a van, you should always try to talk to a specialist and ask everything you think is necessary before doing any deal.

Don’t be afraid to ask, a good company will happily answer all your questions.


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