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3 Great Courier Vans for Delivery Companies

August 23rd, 2021

If you’re trying to find the right vans for your business, it can be overwhelming to look through the many options of parcel vans on the market. To keep the UK ticking along delivering important goods and packages, you will need reliable vehicles.

Choosing to lease your van is a great option because you’ll have access to brand-new vans for fixed monthly payments and cheaper maintenance costs. At the end of the lease, you can choose to hand the van back in return for a newer model.

But which van should you pick? Here are three great vans to take a look at:

Ford Transit Courier

Ideal for urban-based businesses, the Ford Transit Courier is a compact van that doesn’t compromise on space. If you’re on the hunt for a practical and economical van then this will be hard to beat. With 2.4 cubic metres of load space and up to 65.7mpg, this little van is one of the best in its class. Available with smart-driver assist technologies and the highly efficient EcoBoost petrol or EcoBlue diesel engine options.

Perfect for quickly navigating small roads and tough manoeuvres, it’s a favourite for town and city-based businesses and makes it the ideal van for all professions.

Volkswagen Transporter

A classic medium-sized courier van, the Volkswagen Transporter offers a premium drive and available in Startline and Highline trims. The Transporter has an array of options to suit your requirements. While offering a slightly smaller load volume than its rivals, it still boasts the option of 4MOTION four-wheel drive or an all-electric Transporter if you’re more eco-minded.

It’s a great choice for a courier van due to its boxy shape and roomy cargo bays with side loading doors and the option of the five-seat Kombi versions, adding this VW to your fleet will give you confidence on the road.

Mercedes Sprinter

Well-known as one of the leading vans on the market, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an adaptable large van offering a great driving experience. Sprinters are available in a range of engine sizes so you pick the one that suits you. Sprinter pioneered safety features like Crosswind Assist, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance so you’ll be enjoying your safest van yet.

Slightly lighter than its predecessors, and with front-wheel drive, it allows you to move even more weight. The Sprinter is a quality van that won’t let you down.

Global Vans leases parcel vans at great prices

If you are looking for a great courier van to add to your fleet, here at Global Vans we provide a huge variety of vans to serve all your needs. All UK supplied and delivered to you free of charge anywhere in the UK, contact us today to lease your perfect van.

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