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Your Guide to Different Types of Vans

September 2nd, 2021

A van is a great asset for your business and these larger vehicles allow you to deliver goods, transport equipment and much more. However, there are many different makes and models of vans available, so which one is right for you?

It’s important to choose the right van to make sure it has all the requirements you need, so see below for our guide to the different types of van on the market.

Panel van

One of the most popular vans on the road, panel vans are available in a variety of different roof heights and wheelbases. They typically include a single front bench seat and no rear side windows. Panel vans offer a good amount of load space, which is accessed via side sliding and rear opening doors.

Crew cab van

A crew cab van is ideal for anyone needing to carry extra passengers, as they include a second row of seats. There are usually three seats in the front and an additional three or four seats behind, although this does mean less load space. Crew vans also have side windows in line with the second row of seats.

Chassis van

This is the most basic model of van available but this makes them ideal for conversion. Chassis vans are composed of a cab with a ladder chassis and many people convert them into a tipper, dropside or box van. They can also be converted to create a specific vehicle like an ambulance or ice cream van.

Dropside van

Dropside vans have the same base as a chassis van, but with a flatbed fitted on top of the ladder chassis. The sides drop down to open, making it very easy to load and unload heavy or bulky items. Dropside vans are very popular with tradespeople for this reason.


Tipper vans are essentially the same as a dropside van, with the addition of a flatbed that can rise from the front end. This is operated by a hydraulic arm and it allows all contents to fall out of the load area. Tipper vans are ideal for transporting building materials, such as aggregates.

Box van

Box vans, or Lutons, have a large, flat-sided load area that’s separate to the cab. The loading area tends to be larger than other types of van, which makes box vans popular with couriers or home removal companies. The load area is high off the ground however, so many drivers use a ramp to load and unload items from the van.

If you’re looking for great van leasing deals at affordable prices, get in touch with the team at Global Vans. We’re proud to stock a wide selection of vans, including crew cabs, pick-ups, chassis vans, tippers and more. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and find a van that’s the right specification, the right price and can be delivered quickly. For more information about our range of vans and to discuss your requirements, give us a call today on 0117 962 5314 or visit our website.

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