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Summer Van Fleet Maintenance

August 23rd, 2021

Summer is always a busy time for business and ensuring that efficient and safe transport is put in place is key. Making sure that you carry out some level of routine maintenance for your fleet is essential to the running of your business. Summer is often a busy time and with that in mind, here are a few ways to make sure your fleet is running smoothly and in the best possible condition this summer as temperatures rise.

Read on to find out how!


You may not know this, but tyre pressure increases when the weather is hot. You must check your fleet’s tyre pressure in order to avoid any dangers that may arise from having increased tyre pressure. Having under or over pressurised tyres is certainly not ideal and could cause a fatal accident.

Increased temperatures can also cause your tyres to become worn down more quickly. With this in mind, you want to also be checking for tread depth and inflation prior to hitting the road. Insufficient tyre maintenance is one of the main causes of accidents – so it’s crucial you do this.

Air conditioning

Throughout the summer months, having an engine that may overheat is one of the top reasons for vehicle breakdowns. Apart from ensuring the driver is kept cool and comfortable (crucial when sat in traffic for any length of time) the engine needs cool air to in order function properly.

As temperatures rise, cooling systems have to compensate to make sure everything is kept cool. Vehicle cooling systems have to be flushed and refilled every 24 months. Flush them before the start of summer to make sure they can handle extreme temperatures on the road.

The battery

Your van’s battery is not going to respond too well to heat, unfortunately. This is because it contains a variety of different chemicals that change in the heat. This in turn can cause overcharging, chemical evaporation and corrosion on conducting grids. A corrosion buildup can end up with reduced voltage, which could prevent your van’s engine from turning on. If your vehicle’s battery is older than 5 years, it is ideal to replace it in order to save yourself from the possibility of getting lost and breaking down while it’s broken.

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