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Sourcing Competitive Leasing Deals and Other Ways To Start Your Removalist Company

December 5th, 2020

Vans are required for a wide variety of businesses. From delivery companies to retailers, van leasing deals are beneficial for a range of sectors. That is especially true for removalist companies. Here, we provide some tips on how to start a removalist firm, including finding the best van leasing deals.

Find Competitive Leasing Deals For Your Vehicle

The lifeblood of any new, established or growing removal company is the vehicles it has at its disposal. Without a fleet of suitable vehicles to move people’s possessions from one house to the other, there simply isn’t a business! However, cost-effectively acquiring vehicles is not always simple. You could buy a range of used vehicles to save money, but risk them breaking down. Or buy a fleet of new vehicles, but at a huge expense.

A great middle-ground solution to this problem is to find affordable leasing deals for vehicles. Van leasing deals allow you to gain access to new vehicles which are unlikely to break down at an affordable monthly cost. Furthermore, you’ll have full oversight of how much your outgoings will be every month, which can help you plan for the future growth of the business.

Research Your Competition To Find The Right Price

Before you even think about your vehicles, it’s important to research the local market to find out how competitive it is and where your price point should ideally be. Research all of the removalists local to you and fact-find on where they operate, how they are received by customers, what they do not do and how much they charge. By understanding their methods, you might be able to find a small gap in the market to plug and figure out whether you can price competitively while still paying your overheads.

Create an Online Presence and Market Yourself

These days, it’s vital to have a website set up. Gone are the days when people found their services in paper directories. Now, if you don’t have a website for customers to look at, you will struggle. Get one set up professionally and begin marketing online to attract custom.

Consider Storage Services As Well

Many removal firms also offer storage facilities for their customers. If you can add this to your list of services and remain profitable, you could be on to a winner. Having more strings to your bow can protect you from losing customers on the removal side of the business.

For Van Leasing Deals That Won’t Break The Bank, Contact Global Vans Today

Global Vans are a well-renowned van leasing company that provides some of the best leasing deals for vans in the area. Based in Bristol, our van leasing deals give you access to excellent vehicles without breaking the bank.

To find out more about our services, feel free to contact us today. You can visit us at County Gates, Ashton Road, Bristol, BS3 2JH. Alternatively, call us on 0117 962 5314 or email us at [email protected].

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