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Four Great Advancements In The Latest Range of Vans For Lease

January 19th, 2021

Vehicle technology always seems to be in constant development. From vehicles of the past to where we are now, the automotive industry has come such a long way. Without these tech advancements, we wouldn’t have anywhere near the level of protection that we currently enjoy when driving. The tech drive for vans is not stopping. Here, we take a look at just some of the latest advancements in van tech which will be available for you to lease.

Developments in The Latest Range of Vans You Can Choose For Lease

Automatic Breakdown Calls

One of the most stressful experiences when driving on the motorway is suddenly breaking down. It’s something that drivers always dread as it can throw a real spanner in the works of any journey. With some modern vans, an automatic breakdown call function has been developed. This takes all of the stress out of breaking down and ensures that you’re back on the road as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Reports

Having oversight of the quality of your vehicle is important to ensure that you can avoid any unnecessary breakdowns when driving. Vans are now integrating vehicle reports into their digital dashboards which provide up to date information on the vehicle and ensure you know when you need to get any issues looked at.

Service Planning For Routes

It can be easy to misjudge when you need to re-fuel when on a long journey. If you miss a service station because you’re distracted, you could even run out of fuel before the next stop! Many newer vans now have integrated service planning functionality. This can help drivers to better plan their journeys and ensure they take breaks and refuel when necessary.

Parking Location and Anti-Theft Alerts

Have you ever misplaced your car or van in a large car park? Some of the latest vans protect this unfortunate occurrence by including a parking location function that hooks up with your phone so that you’ll never lose your van again. As well as this, more modern vans also protect against theft with integrated anti-theft alarms.

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