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Cheap Van Leasing, Fuel Efficiency and Other Ways to Save Your Courier Company Money

February 17th, 2021

As a cost-effective solution to staying on the road, many new and expanding companies have made the move towards cheap van leasing. For a Courier Company, two major costs incurred by the business will be the fleet of vans, and fuel.

Rather than buying, where you pay out a chunk of capital upfront and invest in a depreciating asset; van leasing costs are spread across the agreed term. Leasing will also allow you some flexibility – with options to hand back at the end of contract (avoiding the hassle of disposal) or trade in, ensuring your company fleet is always at the cutting edge.

Cheap Van Leasing

When you’re looking at investing in a new van or fleet for your courier business, it’s important to look into the cheapest van leasing companies so that you can keep down your monthly costs.

By choosing to lease a van rather than buying, you’ve already cut down on costs, however researching the best van leasing deals will help you save even more money. Well-established leasing and brokerage companies will be able to keep their van lease prices down by buying in bulk, and will have a great network of manufacturers and dealers. This means they’ll be able to source vehicles easily, whatever your specification.

There are a variety of leasing options you can choose from to ensure you enter into a finance agreement that suits you and your business. Paying a pre-agreed set monthly amount will also allow you far greater control over your business’s finances, and leasing brand-new vans will mean your fleet is covered by manufacturer warranty – so no more unexpected vehicle maintenance costs.

Fuel Efficiency

When looking at van leasing deals for your courier company, it’s important to choose vehicles that will save you money on fuel. Fuel costs can be a major outgoing for any business with a fleet on the road, so by choosing fuel efficient vehicles, you can dramatically lower what your company is paying for fuel.

Whatever size or specification of vehicle you need for your business, when you’re looking at van leasing deals, make sure you compare the models in the Whatever size or specification you need from your vehicles, it is a good idea to compare vans in the same class for class for fuel efficiency. It is important to remember that even if the overall cost of the vehicle is slightly more than a similar model, it may be hugely more fuel efficient, and therefore save you money in the long run.


Another factor to consider when you are looking for van leasing deals, is the environmental cost. If your courier company is city based, or frequent trips into city centres are required, the emissions standards of your fleet are hugely important.

Many city centres are introducing Clean Air Zones, such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London, where vehicles are charged a daily fee if they don’t comply to a certain emissions standard. By ensuring your fleet complies to the latest European Emissions Standards (currently Euro 6 for diesel vehicles) you can save your business hundreds of pounds per year in emissions charges.

Electric Van Leasing Deals

As Clean Air Zones become more and more common in cities across the UK, more businesses are moving towards electric vehicles. If your courier company specialises in ‘last mile’ deliveries, it may be time to consider looking into Electric Van lease prices. Not only will a fleet of electric vans show off your company’s green credentials, but you will never have to worry about incurring unwanted and expensive emissions charges.

If you’re confident on the daily mileage of your fleet, you may also be able to save your courier company money on fuel costs by looking into electric van leasing deals. If you look at the cost of powering your electric van per mile, vs. the cost of diesel per mile, electric beats diesel every time. With government incentives to buy electric, and grants available such as the workplace charging scheme – it has never been easier to go electric.

Cheap Van Leasing for you Courier Company at Global Vans

At Global Vans, we understand the importance of saving your new or expanding company money. We have been operating in the automotive industry for over 18 years, and have a wealth of experience in getting courier companies van leasing deals.

Our van specialists will be able to talk you through the vehicle options that best suit your business, and can advise you on load space, fuel efficiency and emissions compliance.

If you would like to discuss our van lease prices or you have any other questions, please call us on 0117 962 5314 to speak to one of our van experts today

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