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Van Leasing: Can I Travel Abroad With My Lease Vehicle?

November 3rd, 2021

Van leasing is simple enough, but there are a number of rules involved that you may not have considered before. Particularly if you are taking the vehicle abroad for the first time. With any long-term van lease, it is important to check if there is a process you need to follow before you do anything. Such as convert the van, sign write it, or go abroad.

In this article, we’ve put together some simple steps to follow when taking your lease vehicle abroad.

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Notify your Finance Provider:

The important issue here, is ownership. As the finance company is the vehicle’s owner during your lease, their permission is required before taking the vehicle abroad.

Get your paperwork in order:

Every driver going abroad from the UK is required by law to carry the vehicle’s registration document (V5C).  Exceptions are made for vehicles on a long term van lease, or for example a contract hire van. In these circumstances a ‘vehicle on hire’ (VE103) form is required.

A VE103 form provides authorities proof that you have permission from the van leasing funder to use the vehicle in a foreign country. Without this form you could encounter issues at boarder control, or if stopped in the vehicle, possibly resulting in the vehicle being impounded.

To request the VE103 form, you will need to contact the BVRLA or the RAC.

Check your motor insurance:

You will already have commercial vehicle insurance as part of your van leasing agreement. It’s important to check that this covers driving abroad, and whether there are any specifics to the cover. For example – the vehicle is only covered for breakdowns in Europe.

Local driving laws:

Try to ensure you are familiar with local driving laws. It is important to have a knowledge of signage, speed limits, and if you need to carry any specific safety items.  

For more information on what to do if you’re planning on taking your lease vehicle abroad please contact our specialist Customer Support Team on 01179625314

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