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Pickup Trucks vs Chassis Cabs for Trade Jobs

October 2nd, 2020

Pickup Trucks vs Chassis Cabs for Trade Jobs

A key part of working in a trade profession is choosing the right vehicle for your business needs. Working in a trade role isn’t like any other; for this reason, you need to think more carefully about the vehicle you buy or lease to ensure maximum efficiency. Two of the most popular van models for trade jobs are pickup trucks and chassis cabs due to the space they offer, but there are some key differences to take into account when deciding which model is right for you.

Pickup trucks vs Chassis cabs

Before we discuss the pros and cons of pickup trucks and chassis cabs, let’s take a look at what makes them different. Pickup trucks have enclosed cabs, like chassis cabs, but they also have fixed cargo areas that are accessible via tailgates. Chassis cabs, on the other hand, are half trucks. They aren’t built with a fitted cargo area, but instead frame rails that can be modified with different utility bodies. The utility body you fit on its frame rails will depend on how you plan to use the truck.

Job versatility

The level of flexibility offered by chassis cabs makes them more popular amongst traders in sectors like construction and landscaping· The ability to fit utility bodies such as tippers or dropside flatbeds means that chassis cabs can be used to take care of everything from transporting cargo to disposing of waste.

Cargo space and payload

Again, chassis cabs come out on top with regards to cargo space and payload. The nature of their design makes them better suited to transporting bulkier, heavier items.

Alternatively, pickup trucks are favoured by people who are happy to sacrifice this level of cargo space in favour of a more compact, city-friendly design. This includes painters and decorators, electricians and carpenters.


Pickup trucks are renowned for their powerful engines and speedy torque. Combined, these benefits make them suitable for nipping through city streets or tackling tougher terrains.

Powerful engines also make pickup trucks better suited to towing applications. Pickup trucks can be used to tow heavy-duty vehicles or equipment, including boats and trailers. If you want a light commercial vehicle that can also be used easily and comfortably for private use, then a pickup truck may be a superior choice.

Like any vehicle, both models have their own set of advantages and potential limitations. Whether you buy or lease a pickup truck or chassis cab depends on the nature of your trade role and ultimately, the payload you require.

If you’re not sure which type of vehicle is better suited to your job requirements, contact us for expert advice today. We have a range of well-maintained pickup and chassis trucks for lease at highly competitive prices and are on hand to discuss your requirements in detail. No matter what you need, Global Vans is here for you.

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