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Fuel Efficiency To Emissions: Keeping Van Leasing Cheap

March 7th, 2023

Looking for cheap van leasing deals? Well, there are lots of ways to keep the cost of van leasing down. Starting with choosing the right vehicle and lease length, to estimating the correct mileage, proper maintenance, and keeping fuel efficient on the road.

Choosing the right vehicle

It’s important to pick the right vehicle to suit your commercial needs. Assess what size van you’re going to need to carry out your business; a smaller van may be built for urban driving and get better city mpg; however, a larger van may mean you need to complete fewer trips. Perhaps you need to look into electric van leasing, to avoid expensive ULEZ charges? Remember, it’s no point getting a cheap van leasing deal on a van that isn’t fit for purpose!

Leasing options

There are three main types of leasing; Contract Hire, Finance Lease, and Hire Purchase. Make sure you chose the right deal, and you’ll avoid expenses such as disposal or excess damage charges at the end of your lease.

When looking at cheap van leasing, the prices you’ll often see advertised are those with the longest lease term. That’s because, the longer the lease term, the cheaper the monthly price when the total van cost is spread across the length of your lease. Most van lease deals are 2-5 years in length, so it’s likely you’ll get the best value with a longer term. (As a side note, it’s also worth remembering that you can always settle your lease early and upgrade into a new vehicle before the lease term is up…).


How many miles you drive contributes directly to the depreciation of the value of your van. This value is used to calculate the leasing price of your vehicle. You’ll generally be quoted a cheap van leasing deal if you’re not taking out a high mileage lease.

However, it’s important to be aware that exceeding your mileage by a large amount may cause the vehicle to be in negative equity at the end of the contract. This is why certain finance types will charge excess mileage fees. So, make sure you’re accurate when stating your mileage, or your cheap van leasing deal may not end up as cheap as you’d hoped!

For more info on Mileage, please visit our FAQ page.


By leasing a new van, you’ll be less likely to be spending lots on vehicle upkeep. All new vans will also come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty for at least 3 years. However, if you want to make life easy for yourself you can include a Maintenance Plan in your deal.

Maintenance plans such as ServicePlus will allow you to keep an eye on any maintenance costs with a regular monthly payment, and include Servicing, tyre repair, MOTs and much more. Meaning you wont be caught off guard by any surprise maintenance or repairs costs.

Fuel Efficiency

A cheap van leasing deal might not end up being that cheap if you’re spending out on fuel. Choose a van with good mpg – then ensure you’re driving as efficiently as possible.

Plan your trips, don’t carry unnecessary weight in the vehicle and avoid harsh accelerating. If you’re a city-based business, choose a vehicle that is efficient in stop/start urban driving; if you spend a lot of time on the motorway, look for a vehicle that’s efficient on the open road.

Fuel is only one part of the total life cost of your van, but factoring this in is important when making sure you have the chest cheap van leasing deal for you!

If you have more questions or you’d like to enquire about a leasing deal, our van experts are here to help. Just call 01179625314 or Contact us today!

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