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Sign Writing Your Van to Boost Business

October 31st, 2020

Sign Writing Your Van to Boost Business

Today, all business is competitive. To stand out, companies are going above and beyond to make sure they get noticed and employing a number of marketing tools to help boost business.

Sign writing your van can be an effective marketing tool and is a great way to catch people’s attention and show everyone what you’re all about. If you’re thinking of sign writing your van, we’re to tell you why we think it’s a great idea.

Branded vs unbranded

If two vans were parked on the same street and one was branded and one was plain, which one would you remember? It’s far more likely you’d remember the branded van with professional looking text and graphics, rather than the plain, unbranded vehicle.


Branding your van with a professional design can make your company seem better established. Sign written vans simply look more professional; branding shows you are firmly established (even if you haven’t been in business long!) and gives a professional feel.

Encouraging people to call

Branding your van is essentially transforming it into an on-the-go advert; imagine how many more people will see your details in a day compared to before. The more people that see your van, the more customers you’ll get and the better business will be. Even when you’re parked up completing a job, you’re advertising to passersby!

Budget-friendly advertising

Investing in lots of effective marketing strategies isn’t always possible for start-up businesses with a small budget. Sign writing is an affordable, effective form of marketing and advertising. Instead of paying each month for an advertising service, you can just pay once and let your van do the marketing!

Personalising your van

When you choose to brand your van, you have the complete freedom to design it as you wish. Whether you choose to opt for a traditional finish or a quirky design, you can brand your van however you like and personalise it to reflect your business and communicate what you’re all about.

Tips for sign writing your van

Follow our top tips below to make sure you make the best impression possible with your sign writing.

Keep it simple

We recommend keeping your design as simple as possible. If there’s too much going on, it can be difficult to read and people will lose interest.

Include your logo

Don’t forget to include your logo – it’s the most important part of your branding! You want people to remember your logo, so it’s important it’s big and visible.

Advertise your core services

It can be tempting to cram as much as you can onto your van to tell people what you’re all about – from your qualifications to experience and services. However, littering your van with text can make it look messy and put people off. Instead, only advertise your core services.

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