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Electric Van Leasing For Your Business: Everything You Need To Know

November 4th, 2022

Maybe you’ve been looking into it for a while, or perhaps you’re new to the idea, but electric van leasing can be of great benefit to your business. From low running costs, government incentives, freedom from clean air zone charges and low maintenance costs, EVs have a lot to offer! And that’s without getting into the environmental benefits!

Maxus T90 Electric pick-up in burnt orange colour

Electric Van Finance

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again ‘’leasing is more cost efficient than buying!’’. This is even more true for electric vans. EVs are expensive to buy outright, but with leasing, you’re able to spread the cost over the term of your van finance agreement.

You’ll also benefit from the government incentives available, for example the £5,000 Plug-In Vehicle Grant offered for Large Vans.

Low Running Costs

Put simply, Electric Vehicles have fewer moving parts. Few moving parts = less for you to pay out on maintenance and upkeep. Van finance deals on new EVs will come with a manufacturer’s warranties, usually one to cover the van and one to cover the battery.

Many energy companies will also offer deals for homes or businesses with EVs – meaning you’ll be saving money on charging (which is still cheaper than fuelling up on diesel).

No Emissions!

A great benefit of electric van leasing is reducing your business’s carbon footprint! No fuel = no emissions. By stepping away from traditional combustion engines, you’ll cut your business’s contribution of harmful CO2 and NO2. This is great for your green credentials and great for the environment too!

Who knew getting an electric van on finance could save you money? Many companies operating in major cities pay thousands of pounds a year in clean air zone charges. By using electric vehicles, you’ll be able to avoid these charges!

Driving Experience

Ever driven an electric van? The first major difference you notice when you’re driving an electric van is the noise- or lack of it. Without the noise of an engine electric vans are near-silent, with a soft hum only noticeable at lower speeds.

The other difference to note is Electric Vehicles can provide maximum torque instantly – meaning you have full power immediately on pulling away.

Equipped with the latest in driving technology, with no accompanying engine noise, EVs are a real pleasure to drive.

Looking for van leasing deals on an electric van, check out our range here Electric Van Specials

Want to learn more? Our Electric Vehicle Guide can give you the low down or call us on 01179625314, and speak with one of our van experts!

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