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The Ultimate Guide To Lease Vans With Global Vans

July 24th, 2023

If you’ve never looked into lease vans before, the process can seem daunting. There are a variety of financing options to choose from, and even more choice when it comes to vehicles.

Finding the right vehicle and financing option for your business is important. There are lots of benefits to leasing, so we’ve written this handy guide to make sure you have all the information to get the most out of your lease van.

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Choosing the right van

Lease vans are a great way to grow your business. Van leasing is cost-efficient, you can take advantage of the beneficial tax treatment, and a brand new van is great for your company’s image.

Getting a good deal on your lease vans is amazing, but it’s really important that your new van works for you and your business. Think about how you use your van and make sure the model you choose can get the job done.

Things to consider:

  • Size e.g., can the van fit 8×4 sheets of plasterboard?
  • Loading e.g., do you need dual sliding load doors for kerbside deliveries?
  • Tech e.g.,does you driver needSat Nav / Parking Sensors?

If you have any specialist requirements for your lease vans such as racking or chapter 8 markings, speak with one of our leasing experts and they will build this into your monthly payments.

Choosing the right finance option

There are 3 main types of finance agreement, Hire Purchase, Contract Hire and Finance Lease. These financing options differ in how they treat VAT, mileage and damage, and what happens at the end of your lease.

Hire Purchase vans are owned by the lessee, who will pay off monthly instalments of the total vehicle cost. This means you can take advantage of the cost-efficiency of leasing deals while also taking advantage of the benefits of ownership you would have had from buying.

Finance Lease offers flexible options for the end of your contract. So, even though you will not own the van for the duration of the lease, you have an option to do so at the end. Alternatively, if you are not interested in ownership, Finance Lease also gives you the option to sell the vehicle on at the end of the lease term, or trade it in and part-exchange for a new vehicle lease.

Contract Hire is an ideal option for anyone not interested in ownership. If your business would benefit from trading up to a new vehicle every few years, and you want to do away with the hassle of disposal, then look into a Contract Hire agreement.

Our Process

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, so when we say we’re the leasing experts – we really mean it.

We will talk through your business’s needs and source the right van for the job. After talking through your requirements, we’ll build the right finance agreement and find you the best deal on the market from our panel of funders. You can then sign your finance agreement and we’ll arrange delivery of your new lease vans. It’s that simple!

If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, just visit our FAQ page. Want to talk it all through? Contact us or call 01179625314 to speak to one of our leasing experts.

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