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The Complete Guide to Van Leasing for the Gig Economy

March 11th, 2024

Van leasing is a cost-effective way to get a new, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle. If you’re part of the gig economy, you’ll need a vehicle you can rely on, without forking out loads of capital upfront. Let us walk you through our tips on courier van leasing, so you can make an informed decision when considering a van lease.

What is the Gig Economy?

A gig economy – also referred to as ‘freelance economy’ or ‘agile workforce’ – is made up of freelance workers. Commonly, those part of the gig economy are taxi or food delivery drivers, and couriers.

Major parcel companies offer individuals the ability to work for themselves as couriers under the umbrella of the larger business. Examples of this are Amazon Flex drivers, and Yodel Lifestyle Delivery Drivers (although all the major parcel companies offer this in some form).

There are great benefits to working as part of the gig economy such as flexibility as to when and how often you work. The freedoms offered by this type of role has increased the popularity of courier roles, both in urban hubs such as London and across the wider UK.

The Benefits of Courier Van Leases

Cost-effective: When you lease a vehicle, you’re able to spread the cost over the term of the lease. Meaning you don’t need to fork out a chunk of capital upfront, and instead budget for the fixed monthly cost for using the vehicle while you’re earning.

New Vehicle: As you are paying for the vehicle across a fixed term, a new vehicle is much more affordable. You’ll benefit from 3+ years of Manufacturer’s Warranty, a reliable vehicle that is less likely to cost you on maintenance and repairs, and Euro 6 emissions compliance. Meaning you won’t need to pay expensive Clean Air Zone charges if you’re operating in a city!

Flexible: With our 20+ years of industry experience, we will be able to build you a flexible courier van lease deal. So, you won’t be subject to excess mileage and damage charges at the end of your lease. We can also help at the end of your lease. You’ll be able to upgrade to a new vehicle, and we’ll collect the old vehicle, or refinance for a further term.

Yodel branded Mercedes-Benz Sprinter courier van leasing

What are The Best Vans for Couriers?

The best van for you will depend on the load space you’re looking for. Aside from that, you’ll also be looking for great MPG and a host of driver comfort and safety features.

Some of the major parcel companies will have specifications they will need your vehicle to have. Just take a look at the preferred vehicles here: Parcel Van leasing.

Small Vans

A small van is a great idea for a courier van lease if you’re operating in a city. These vans have great turning circles, complete with driver parking features, so you can manoeuvre easily in traffic and park with ease. Fantastic fuel efficiency, with Start/Stop features means time spent in traffic won’t cost you. Clever load space features such as load-through bulkheads are available on most small vans, which allow you to load long items through into the passenger footwell.

Medium Vans

Medium vans offer the best of both worlds – you’ll still have the ability to park with ease and take advantage of excellent driver technology features, and you’ll benefit from a larger load space of approx. 5.5 cubic metres. A medium van will also offer a good payload and the option to add a 2nd side door if not featured, so you can make kerbside deliveries easily!

The Ford Transit Custom is the UK’s bestselling medium van, however there are cheaper options on the market that are just as reliable (some even have larger load space).

Large Vans

Many parcel companies will specify the need for a large courier van lease. That way you can maximise on the amount you can carry, and therefore go about your route without needing to return for another load. You’ll be able to choose the right van for the job from a range of sizes across the major brands, from L2H2 to L4H2 which boasts a massive approx. 15 cubic metres of load space.

Large vans will also offer optional driver safety features such as parking sensors and rear view cameras. You’ll even be able to opt for a built in SatNav so you’ll be able to go about your day with minimal hassle.

How can Global Vans help?

Speak to a member of our team about your vehicle needs and we can source the right vehicle for the job. Looking for a high mileage contract? We’ve got you covered. With our panel of premium funders, we will be able to build you the best courier van lease on the market.

Just Contact Us or call 0117 962 5314 to speak to one of our leasing experts.

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