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How to Cut Your Van Insurance Costs

November 12th, 2022

Van Insurance is an important factor in considering the whole life cost of your new vehicle. While new vans for lease will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and can include a maintenance plan, insurance won’t be included in your agreement.

It is also important to remember that vans for lease will need to be covered by a fully comprehensive van insurance policy. This is to protect both you and the finance company funding your lease in the event that something happens to your vehicle.

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Compare Van Insurance Deals

The best way to cut your van insurance costs is to make sure you’ve found the best deal on the market. To find the best deal you can either use a comparison website, or gather quotes to compare yourself.

At Global Vans we have partnered with a select few Insurers who specialise in Van Insurance. Whether you have one van, or a fleet, our Insurance Partners will be happy to help get you the right van insurance for your vehicle.

Improve Van Security

The more secure your van is, the lower your risk to the insurance company. The lower your risk to the insurer, the lower your van insurance cost will be!

Consider taking extra security measures to lower the cost of your insurance. Some customers invest in specialist locks and alarm systems, tracking systems and immobilisers to secure their van and its contents. This initial cost will be spread across your van lease, and can ultimately make your insurance cheaper.

Dashcams can also be a factor in lowering the cost of your insurance. In the event that you have to make a claim on your insurance, footage from a dashcam can be massively useful to your Insurer.

Further to these measures, emptying your van at night will make it less attractive to potential thieves. So, make sure you declare an empty van to ensure the lowest possible premium.

Park in a Secure Location

The bigger the risk of damage to your vehicle, the higher your insurance cost will be. By using off-street parking, you will be able to lower the cost of your insurance. Bonus points if this is a private car park or driveway with cameras or gates!

Be Upfront

Van insurance can be expensive and we all want to ensure we aren’t overpaying unnecessarily. However, it’s important to make sure you are upfront with the details you provide your insurance company. If the details you provide aren’t accurate, you risk negating your insurance policy, and you may risk paying out of pocket (including any uninsured driver penalties that may crop up).


Many insurers will offer specific Fleet insurance policies. You can also often get a better deal on your insurance when you consider a multi-vehicle policy. Speak to your Insurer and look into whether you are better off taking out insurance on your lease vans separately or through a multi-vehicle policy. They’ll talk you through how to get the best savings, so insurance costs don’t start to pile up.

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