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What To Consider When Choosing A Van Insurance Policy

March 27th, 2023

Choosing a van insurance policy can seem complicated, there are lots of Insurers out there and lots of added extras that sound useful, but these can quickly add up.

All funders will require you to take out a Fully Comprehensive van insurance policy. This makes sure that both you and the funder are covered should something go wrong. Van Insurance won’t be included in your leasing deal but it is important to have this in place before your van is delivered in order to avoid any delays! So, how do you save on your van insurance? Lots of ways- like how you pay, security, where you park, modifications, drivers and more!

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Secure Means Savings

The more secure your van is, the cheaper it will be to ensure. This is because security measures act as a deterrent to thieves, and your Insurer is less likely to need to pay out for theft.

Alarms and immobilisers are great deterrents, and a Tracking System may come in useful to find your van if it’s stolen. Just make sure you’re not paying out loads for security technology and negating the savings you’ve made on your van insurance!


Parking your van in a secure car park, garage, or on a driveway will make a massive difference to van insurance savings. In addition, make sure you’re not leaving tools in your van overnight, this will also reduce your insurance costs.


The more you modify your van, the more expensive your insurance will be. This is because the parts will be more expensive to fix or replace, exterior modifications can make your van more attractive to thieves, and performance modifications can increase your risk of accidents.

Put simply, modifications are great if they help create your prefect van, but they’ll definitely increase the price you pay for van insurance.


If you’ve chosen business vehicle leasing, it’s likely that you won’t be the only one driving your van. It may be that a colleague or business partner will also need to drive your new van as you carry out the day-to-day workings of your business. Adding an experienced driver without a history of insurance claims can lower your insurance quote. However, adding an inexperienced driver can increase your insurance price.

We have worked closely with our Insurance Partners CVD Van Insurance and a-Plan to ensure you can take out reliable, affordable van insurance for your leased vehicles. If you have further questions or you’re considering GAP Insurance on your new vehicle lease – please Contact Us or call 01179625314 to speak to our van experts.  

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