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How Business Vehicle Leasing Can Help Your Company Expand

February 24th, 2021

Business vehicle leasing is becoming an ever more popular option among new and expanding companies – but how do you know if your organisation is ready for growth and how can vehicle leasing help your business grow?

Signs your business is ready for growth

  • Your business is profitable and there is consistent demand in your sector
  • You are outgrowing your current resources
  • You have a solid base of regular and repeat customers
  • Customer demand is increasing – along with repeated requests for more hours and services
  • You have a solid team, and a slick operations process

Business Van Lease vs. Buying

Many companies, whether just starting up or looking to expand, have opted for business vehicle leasing, rather than buying. This is because, as opposed to buying (where you pay out a sizeable chunk of capital upfront) investing in a business van lease means you can spread this cost over an agreed term.

By choosing to get your company vans on finance, you can often afford the new, higher spec vehicles that would have been otherwise unaffordable. Another additional benefit is that new vehicles are usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, therefore you are protected from unexpected maintenance costs adding to your business outgoings.

In opting for a business vehicle lease, you will also gain greater financial control through full visibility over your van lease cost before committing.

How can a Business Vehicle Lease help my company grow?

Investing in new company vehicles can provide an air of professionalism to any business. Whether you have a courier business, you’re a sole trader, or a salesperson – when you’re representing the company it is important to look professional. Image is important in business; when you’re looking at leasing deals it’s important to consider what sort of impression you would like your company to make. If your company is doing well, you want your company vehicles to reflect this.

Is your client network growing as you expand? Taking out a business van lease gives you the ability to get around the country to see clients in vehicles you know you can rely on. Expanding your reach as a business by investing in vans on finance, means you are taking practical steps towards sustaining your company’s growth.

If you have a sales team, oftentimes a face-to-face visit is needed with high value clients or on big deals. Rather than paying for employee travel on trains or paying fuel allowance to employees using their own cars to travel, having company cars or vans on finance means your workforce can go out and represent your company at less cost and in brand new company vehicles.

Expansion often means hiring some more members for your team. Company car benefits are a great incentive to help you bring in high-value employees, or to motivate your salesforce. By looking into leasing deals you will be able to provide your employees with great new company vehicles without breaking the bank.

Business Vehicle Leasing at Global Vans

At Global Vans we have over 18 years of experience, specialising in providing businesses with leasing deals. We can source the right vehicles for your business from our nationwide network of manufacturers and dealers, and get you a great deal from our panel of funding partners.

If you need advice on the best leasing option for your business, or if you have any other questions, please Contact Us or call 0117 962 5314 to speak to one of our leasing specialists.

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