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How Van Leasing Can Help Your Business Grow

February 23rd, 2023

Van leasing is cheaper than buying a van. It’s really as simple as that. Not only do you not have to fork out the whole cost in capital upfront, but you can also spread the cost over a longer period to make it cheaper, while also spreading the VAT!

A van leasing deal will also mean you’re investing in a brand new vehicle so there is a lower likelihood of unexpected repairs (you can even add a maintenance package to your deal).

A new van will not only help your business grow in terms of your business capability, but it also creates a great first impression for your customers. You could even go electric and prove your company’s green credentials!

Increased flexibility

There are a number of finance options available to you when you’re looking for the best van lease deals. So, you can decide on the best option for you and your business.

A Hire Purchase will mean you can pay off your van while you use it and keep it at the end of your van leasing deal. A Contract Hire is great if you don’t want to keep the van at the end of the agreement. A Finance Lease offers flexibility at the end of the agreement, and you wont be subject to expensive excess mileage or excess damage charges!

Wider Van Choice

By opting for van leasing rather than buying, you’ll find that you’re able to afford a wider array of vans than if you were looking to buy. This means you can research and find the exact right vehicle for your business’s needs.

Cost-effectiveness and Cash Flow

With a van lease, you’ll be able to put down a deposit, then pay a set agreed monthly cost for the duration of your agreement. This means you can get a brand-new vehicle for your business, without saving up an enormous amount of capital.

With a set monthly payment, you’ll be able to keep a good eye on your business’s monthly outgoings. Including a maintenance package would also mean that you wont get stung by unexpected maintenance costs (new vans are also under Warranty for at least the first 3 years!).

Depending on your finance option – at the end of your lease, you can hand your vehicle back and upgrade to a new model or even keep the van as an asset!

Public Image and Reputation

It’s pretty simple – a new van will make your business look good. New vehicles create a great first impression, and will show customers that your business is doing well and is growing. This will only help the business grow further!

If you’re looking to show off your company’s green credentials, taking out a lease on an electric van is a great way to prove that you’re climate conscious!

If you have more questions on how van leasing can help your business grow, check out our other blogs or give us a ring on 01179625314 and our van leasing experts will talk you through!

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