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Four Reasons You Need a Maintenance Plan for Your Fleet

August 23rd, 2021

Proper fleet maintenance is essential to keep your vehicles on the road, maximise productivity and avoid any unexpected repair costs. If you run a fast-paced business then it can be hard to stay on top of maintenance, but here’s where a maintenance plan comes in handy.

A fleet maintenance plan has many great benefits for your business and it allows you to get on with running day to day operations, so read on to find out more.

Great savings

Repairs can be costly if you leave them to the last minute, but a fleet maintenance plan can help you address issues before they become more serious. Save money by anticipating your maintenance needs and addressing any minor issues before they escalate. Emergency repairs can be up to four times more expensive, so it pays to think ahead!

Additional safety

Staying on top of maintenance is essential to protect your employees and others on the road. A vehicle maintenance plan allows you to create a schedule for any routine work that needs to be done to ensure all vehicles are safe. You can also arrange a checklist for employees to make sure that any van on the road is fit to drive.

Maintenance plans often include software which allows drivers to update the condition of their vehicle in real time, so you can keep track of any servicing or repairs that need to be done.

Reduce downtime

A maintenance plan is often part of a wider fleet management service. These services use software which can provide remote visibility and offer real-time alerts for fuel usage, engine fault codes and any general wear and tear issues. This allows you to spot and resolve any issues early on, reducing downtime and maximising your business’ productivity.

Stay consistent

One of the most important aspects of successful maintenance is a structured schedule. Using a vehicle maintenance plan allows you to stay consistent and make sure each vehicle is maintained properly.

A plan can also help you develop a schedule of preventative maintenance based on a vehicle’s mileage, hours of operation, frequency of use and the time it last had a service check.

If you’re in need of a fleet maintenance plan for your business, get in touch with the experts at Global Vans. We’re proud to offer fixed or pay as you go maintenance plans to give you access to a great variety of savings. Our plans cover all your needs, including servicing, MOTs, glass replacement, tyres and more, so you can keep your vehicles in the best condition possible. We also offer a wider range of fleet management services to help you maximise productivity, so give us a call today or contact us online to find out more.

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