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Benefits of Buying or Leasing an Electric Van

August 23rd, 2021

One of the most common questions for most people buying or leasing a van is without doubt, what type of van should I get? These days, lots of people are opting for electric vehicles and the same can be said for vans. An electric van isn’t just going to save you money but it is also better for the environment and as well as plenty of other benefits.

With this in mind, in this blog, we outline to you what you need to know about using an electric van and why it could be a great option for you.

Highly cost-effective

An electric van is going to be relatively inexpensive to run in comparison to a diesel alternative, this is because the cost per mile of electricity is lower. For example, Citroen’s Berlingo costs 2-3p per mile to run. This is on average – that’s less than £2 per 40 miles.

Better for the environment

An electric van creates zero tailpipe emissions. What this means is that they are good for improving air quality, particularly in urban areas, and reducing harmful CO2 and NOx emissions as well!

Electric vans do not emit any greenhouse gases that damage the environment helping reduce the rate of climate change. The National Grid, which provides the power for the vast majority of electric vans, very much uses renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Highly convenient

In the case of diesel vans, you will need to make specific trips to the petrol station to refuel, however, with electric vans, you could be recharging as you’re off-duty or even at night – this is a much more convenient solution.

Lots of incentives

There are plenty of schemes in place to encourage the use of electric vehicles. This includes the Government Plug-in Van Grant, which is worth up to 20% off the list price as well as reduced tax burdens for both business and private use. There are also grants in place for the cost of workplace chargers too.

Easy to use

Electric vehicles are highly easy to drive. In simple terms, all you do is press the accelerator to go and you brake in order to stop. There’s no changing gear and they are very nippy around town because electric motors deliver instant torque. It’s also a much more pleasant vehicle to drive because electric motors are very quiet other than a slight humming noise.

At Global Vans we like to move with the times and this is why we provide you with the 100% electric Citroën ë-Dispatch. Check out our Specials Page for our latest Electric Van leasing deals.

Looking for more information, or wondering if leasing an Electric Van is affordable for you? Contact Us and speak to one of our van specialists, or call 01179625314

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