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How Electric Vans can help achieve Carbon Offsetting for Businesses

May 22nd, 2024

As we all pay more attention to how we are affecting the environment, you may have considered how you can reduce the environmental impact of your business. One way businesses look to lower their carbon footprint is through carbon offsetting. In this article we will walk you through the benefits of electric vans and how they can help you achieve your business’s net-zero goals.

Carbon offsetting with the New Ford e-Transit Custom

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is becoming an ever more popular option for businesses looking to lower or balance their emissions output. Carbon offsetting is where a company invests in an emissions-free solution (i.e. Electric Vans rather than diesel), to compensate for more polluting areas of their business. Thereby balancing the overall environmental impact of the business.

Companies can choose to invest in environmental technologies such as solar power or windfarms in order to balance their environmental impact. Another way in which businesses could balance their carbon output is through investing in electric vans, as such reducing the carbon emissions produced from their transport solutions. This will in turn balance out more polluting areas of the business where environmentally friendly solutions are not yet feasible.

Electric Vans vs. Diesel & Petrol

We’ll be straight with you; electric vans aren’t for everyone… yet! Depending on your business requirements, sometimes electric vans aren’t quite up to the challenge. However, there are lots of benefits to making the move to electric vans, from government incentives and low running costs, to a great driving experience. Of course we can’t forget to mention they’re emissions free, and therefore a great option if you’re looking into carbon offsetting for your business.

While traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles have become more efficient, with all new diesel models required to adhere to European Emissions Standards, they are still emitting pollutants. To properly offset your business’s carbon emissions, you would need to invest in entirely emissions free vehicles.

How can Electric Vans Benefit your business?

If carbon offsetting is your goal, then swapping your old diesel vans for electric is a great way to achieve this. Aside from carbon offsetting, there are lots of benefits to leasing an electric van.

When leasing an electric van, you will be able to take advantage of the government incentives, such as the Plug-In Vehicle Grant that can knock up to £5,000 off the price of your new vehicle. You’ll also benefit from lower running costs, as electric charging costs significantly less than fuelling up with petrol or diesel.

Electric vans are zero-emissions vehicles, and therefore exempt from Clean Air Zone charges. If your business operates in London, you’ll be able to save thousands of pounds a year in ULEZ charges which currently cost £12.50 a day. With more and more clear air zones launching in major cities across the UK, using emissions-free vehicles will be far more cost-effective in addition to any environmental benefits.

If you’ve never driven an electric van before, there are a couple of things you’ll notice. The first is the lack of cabin noise, and the second is that you will immediately be able to make use of the full torque upon pulling away. Alongside the latest in driver’s entertainment, comfort and safety technology that are often offered as standard on electric vehicles, you’ll find driving an electric van a great driving experience.

While it’s great to know that your new electric vehicles are helping you carbon offset your business, it’s also important to know that this attention to the environmental impact of your business is going to reflect well on your brand. A business with electric vehicles will have great green credentials, and you may even gain new business because of it!

Are electric vehicles suitable for my business?

If your business is looking to lower its carbon footprint by carbon offsetting, you’re based in a city with good access to charge points and you’re not looking to travel long distances or carry heavy loads, then you should definitely look into electric vehicle leasing.

Unsure if electric vehicles would work for your business or interested in learning more? Call our experts on 0117 9625314 or contact us here. We’d be happy to walk you through your options and answer any questions you might have.

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