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The Complete Guide to Van Leasing for Couriers

January 16th, 2024

Buying a van is not a realistic option for a lot of couriers and delivery drivers as they are expensive to buy outright and come with various associated costs. So, Amazon drivers, DPD drivers and other couriers often turn to leasing for a much more cost-effective long-term solution to their van needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what van leasing options are available for different couriers and delivery drivers and make some recommendations that will hopefully make things easier if you’re still unsure about the type of van you’ll need.

Renting Vs Leasing A Van for Couriers and Delivery Drivers

Although buying a van is not an option for a lot of couriers, neither is renting a van from a van rental company. This is because van rental companies have insurance which is inadequate for the requirements of companies like Amazon and DPD. Either the insurance won’t cover you for a long enough period or the rental company’s insurance does not allow you to use the van to make a living.

Another reason why leasing is a better option than renting is rental vans tend to have a strict mileage limit which does not account for the long delivery routes of couriers.

What type of Courier Van do I need?

When it comes to choosing the right van for courier and parcel delivery work, the two most important things are the payload capacity and the size of the van. This is because the number of parcels you can carry each day and the ability to successfully manoeuvre around residential areas or busy urban streets are both essential aspects of a delivery driver’s job.

In order to make things easier for you we’ve outlined the different parcel van leasing options and information according to the needs of the logistics or courier company:

With over 20 years of experience working with major parcel delivery and logistics companies, you can rely on us to help you fight the right van that suits all of your needs. We’ll help you navigate the whole van leasing process, from sourcing the van to finding you the best deals available.

This partially depends on the type of deliveries you do but it mostly depends on the requirements for different courier and logistics companies. The most popular van for Amazon drivers is the Ford Transit Custom whereas Parcelforce deliveries typically involve a larger payload and therefore require larger vans like a Mercedes Sprinter.

Please visit the relevant pages listed above to find out more about the specific requirements and the exact model of van that meets these requirements.

Benefits of Van Leasing for Couriers

There are numerous benefits of leasing a van, but couriers and delivery drivers will find leasing particularly advantageous, especially compared to renting or buying a van outright. This is because in addition to the financial benefits, leasing is generally easier and can be a lot more straightforward.

Here are just some of the benefits of leasing a van with Global Vans as a delivery driver:

  • Spread the cost of the vehicle over the lease term
  • Save on expensive CAZ (Clean Air Zone) charges with a Euro 6 vehicle
  • Full specification – livery / slam locks / ply-lining
  • Low deposit options available
  • Tax-efficient, with no damage charges
  • Wide array of mileage options


As mentioned earlier, insurance is a very important consideration when sourcing a van as a courier or delivery driver. Renting rarely allows vans to be used for work and paying for your own insurance can be very costly, especially if you choose to purchase your own van.

In contrast, leasing is a lot more straightforward, and our van insurance packages provide comprehensive cover that you can rely on to keep you and your payload protected against any unforeseen incidents.

Tax Benefits

Courier drivers and delivery drivers are sometimes self-employed such as Amazon Flex drivers and this means that tax is usually more of a concern compared to other professions. Lease payments are typically tax deductible which allows you save significant money compared to renting and purchasing.

Other tax benefits like reclaiming VAT make leasing a van a sensible option for couriers looking to reduce their spend on additional costs which can make a big difference over time.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep of your van is so much easier when leasing a van as a delivery driver. Our comprehensive van maintenance packages provide you with a trusted and easy way to make sure you van is up to speed. Our maintenance packages vary but you can typically expect:

  • MOTs (if applicable)
  • Service booking and management
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Tyre repair/replacement
  • Mechanical repairs of wear and tear from normal driving

Financial Savings

As we mentioned earlier, there are significant financial savings that you can enjoy when leasing a van as a delivery driver. Many of our customers have managed to save over £2000 because we have some of the best deals available on the market and always pass on any cost savings directly to our customers.

Learn more about the benefits of Van Leasing

Amazing Courier Van leasing deals with Global Vans

Our many years of experience with various parcel delivery networks and companies allows us to bring you some of the best suited vans for courier drivers with amazing lease options that can help you spend less and drive more. We’re also proud to bring you the best deals on the market that make our leasing options a sensible choice for savvy courier drivers.

We understand that each driver has distinct requirements, and therefore tailor our leasing options to suit specific preferences and operational demands. That’s why our array of courier van models caters to a diverse range needs and specification requirements. 

Get in touch with our helpful team today to find out how we can help you find the right courier van.

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